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Expectation and excellence come from a place which has been known to deliver the same. With a dynamic and driven group of young designers and engineers we provide complete solutions to all your drainage problems. From tackling residential and commercial set ups, our integrated systems have been immensely successful in public set ups like amusement and theme parks.

Our operations are centered on providing you with a quality product with technically sound components, cost-efficiency, and elegance that fits right in with your lifestyle. A team dedicated to extensive research and development has innovated designs that aren’t only sleek and inconspicuous but also functionally adept and affordable. A thorough study of our competition has enabled us to produce high-grade products, persistent with international quality standards.

Our Vision

At LIDCO, we applaud the finer aspects of life. Everyone is entitled to a moment of solitude and serenity after a long day at work. Our back breaking schedule demands more than just mental acuity from us. It taxes us physically, leaving us drained by the end of the day when all we need is a long, warm shower to soothe and calm our ruled senses. Now this ideal set up would be completely ruined if you had to mop and clean up after your bath, right?

With our designs, drainage is an automatic and continuous process, sparing you the trouble of manually doing it later. Along with our cockroach traps, enjoy a pest-free, clean and hygienic environment, created just for you.

We work towards improving your experience, be it at home, office or industrial site. We do not aim to just satisfy, but push the boundaries of satisfaction to finally peak at excellence.

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