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Groove Gap Drain

Groove Gap Drain

We Lidco Building Technologies are successfully involved in manufacturing, supplying, Providing & Installing a vast gamut of Stainless Groove Gap Drain. Liquids are helped to exit flat surfaces via drainage channels. They are quite helpful on kitchen countertops because they make it simple for water and other liquids to drain into a sink. While drainage grooves are not required for a kitchen worktop, they do make cleanup easier.

Poured liquids have nowhere to go when placed on a flat surface. Water and other liquids are directed into sinks or other drainage points via drainage grooves. The liquid is kept there by the drainage grooves, where it can be absorbed or pushed to a drainage point. The counter top is prevented from becoming wet and subsequently leaking onto your kitchen floor by the drainer grooves. Water flows down the drainage area and into the sink thanks to the addition of subtle grooves. We provide this product in Delhi, in Kolkata, in Bengaluru, in Chennai, in Hyderabad, in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane over India. offering the best quality array of to our Stainless Steel Drains and Channels.

Groove Gap Drain

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